Fun Learning

Sustainable farming:  

*What is sustainable farming?

What does it mean to be an organic farmer? 

Basic gardening and growing skills – what is a weed? When are veggies and fruit ready to be picked?

Basic animal husbandry – what do they eat? What shelter is needed? Basic care. Why work with horses? Demo of how to harness a horse and line driving.

Simple cooking – a grand finale farm to table pizza party with parents.

Mycology – foray into the woods to identify certain mushrooms and then build your own take home mushroom kit.

Firebuilding – learn how to build a small cooking fire.

Design your dream farm – what would it look like? What would you farm?

First tracks – find and identify various animal tracks

Creative expression:

Yoga- a daily dose of stretching and breathing.

Journaling/creative writing – quite private space for unihibited writing or drawing.

Build a terrarium, learn about amphibians.

Veggie Sculptures – who doesn’t love veggie sculptures?

Scavenger Hunt for found object art project – locate items around the farm to be turned into jewlery or other take home art as well as a mandala that the kids will make as a group.

Other fun things we will do:

  • Play games
  • Have fun
  • Eat good food
  • Build a fort
  • Tour the farm
  • Take a wagon ride
  • Laugh
  • Get dirty
  • Relax