Fun Learning

Max Dubansky Milking
Milking with Max

Our program is centered around  teaching sustainable small family farming. Campers learn about what an organic farm is and what the process is of growing, maintaining, harvesting, and preparing food. In addition there is time for fun, laughs and just enjoying the mountain air and farm

Some of the farm and fun  things we share with campers includes:

  • Basic gardening and growing skills – what is a weed?
  • When are veggies and fruit ready to be picked?
  • What is soil depletion and how to manage it?
  • How do you care for farm animals?
  • What would be your dream farm?
  • Being safe with foods from the forest.
  • Why not make art from junk?
Creating bird feeders from salvage and junk
  • Basic animal husbandry – what do different farm animals eat? What shelter is needed?

  • Farm chores like feeding pigs and milking the cows
  • Simple cooking and food preparation for  grand finale farm to table pizza party with parents.
Exploring the nature around us.
  • Mycology – foray into the woods to identify certain mushrooms and then build your own take home mushroom kit.
Shelter building and basic survival with some journaling on the side.

  • Design your dream farm – what would it look like? What would you farm?
Designing your dream farm.

~ Creative expression ~

  • Yoga- a daily dose of stretching and breathing.
  • Journaling/creative writing – quite private space for unihibited writing or drawing.

  • Build a terrarium, learn about amphibians.
  • Veggie Sculptures – who doesn’t love veggie sculptures?
Hello Mrs Squash said Sir Zuchinni

Other fun things we will do:

  • Play games
  • Have fun
  • Eat good food
  • Build a fort
  • Tour the farm
  • Take a wagon ride
  • Play splashing water games
  • Laugh
  • Get dirty
  • Relax