Snowshoeing Tours In Maryland

General Information: All Earth Tours snowshoeing tours allow you to experience the beauty of the woods in winter accompanied by an experienced outdoorsperson. We use high quality snowshoes with hi-tech bindings and ice cleats. Anyone* who can walk can snowshoe. One of the best parts of snowshoeing is that you can travel through the woods anywhere and do not need a trail. This allows you to explore areas that folks don't go very often and we almost always site wildlife or discover wildlife signs.

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In snowshoeing the first couple of snowshoers sink a little and pack out the trail and the rest just cruise along not sinking much if at all...even in 4 feet of snow! We always consider the abilities of the group. Adventure seekers and those in good shape will make a good climb to a view and possibly some steep descents, a more moderate tour is offered to 'normal' folks. The more people in the tour the better (packs out the trail better) so get your friends and families together and come on out!


How to Dress: Where layers of comfortable clothing, and protect yourself from the wind. This could mean wearing nylon 'track' or windpants over your clothes. If you can cut the wind you can go a long way towards staying warm. Traditional Ski bibs are often times too warm so striking a balnce between too much and too little can be interesting. On frigid days be sure you have goggles, scarves/facemasks etc. Mittens are always best under just about all winter conditions. Bring more rather than too little and make your decisions after you arrive. A daypack can be a handy thing for storing extra clothing layers and a water bottle, maybe even a snack. Please be sure you are properly hydrated (drink plenty of water beforehand) so that your muscles stay loose.

After the tour or during the tour we traditionally offer you a cup of hot coco.

Call All earth at 1-800-446-7554 us if you have any questions . We are sure you will find their tours relaxing and a welcome break from the hectic pace of daily life. Come out to western Maryland and experience the magical beauty and gorgeous scenery of the sleeping mountains and forests.

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*Anyone...We do have a maximim weight capacity with our snow shoes of 240lbs. Folks with diagnosed heart conditions should avoid excercise activities in the cold. You will be required to sign a release form.

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